The Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization held its 129th session from 21 October to 15 November 2019 in Geneva. It was the first session held by the new President of the Tribunal, Mr Patrick Frydman.

During this session, the Tribunal dealt with 803 cases against 21 international organisations (covering 899 complaints from 665 complainants) and adopted 676 judgments (including 5 judgments following a summary procedure). The Tribunal also registered 33 withdrawals.

The President of the Tribunal publicly announced Judgments Nos. 4207 to 4272 on 10 February 2020.

In his introductory remarks, the President drew particular attention to Judgment No. 4207 (adopted by all seven judges in a plenary session), which clarifies the international organisations’ obligations regarding investigation processes engaged following sexual harassment complaints (consideration 15) and sets a distinction between a claim of harassment and a report of misconduct based on an allegation of harassment (consideration 14).

A video recording of this meeting is available on the website of the Tribunal and the electronic copies of the judgments are available on the database Triblex.

The next session of the Tribunal will last four weeks as from 27 April 2020.

11 février 2020  | Rafaela Choairy