The Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization held its 126th session from 23rd April to 18th May 2018 in Geneva.

In this session, the Tribunal examined 96 cases and adopted 75 judgments (including 8 summary procedures) covering 101 complaints from 79 complainants against 21 international organisations. It recorded 22 withdrawals.

The Tribunal publicly announced its judgments on 26 June 2018.

In his preliminary remarks, the President of the Tribunal indicated that a milestone had been reached since the total number of judgments adopted by the Tribunal nowadays exceeded 4 000.

He added that the Tribunal had authorised its registry to make available on its website special forms for applications for review, interpretation and execution, as well as a practical guide regarding the procedure before the Tribunal.

Following the delivery of judgments in numerical order from 3982 to 4056, the President of the Tribunal announced, in his closing remarks, that the next session will last four weeks as from 22 October 2018.

A video recording of this meeting is available on the website of the Tribunal and the electronic copies of the judgments are available on the data base Triblex.


27 juin 2018  |  Rafaela Choairy