The Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organisation held its 125th session from 23rd October to 17th November 2017 in Geneva.

During this session, the Tribunal adopted 87 judgments, including 16 summary procedures, in 137 cases covering 178 complaints from 168 complainants against 20 international organisations.

The Tribunal publicly announced its judgments on two separate dates. On 6th December 2017, the Tribunal exceptionally delivered 8 judgments. In his introductory remarks, the President of the Tribunal, Mr Giuseppe Barbagallo, explained such exceptional delivery by stating that “[…] the Tribunal was guided by the criteria of urgency and because of the financial implications that the judgments may entail.

The remaining 79 judgments were delivered on 24th January 2018.

A video recording of these meetings is available on the website of the Tribunal and the electronic copies of the judgments are available on the data base Triblex.

The President of the Tribunal announced, in his closing remarks, that the next session will last four weeks as from 23rd April 2018.

26 janvier 2018  |  Rafaela Choairy