The Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organization held its 133rd session from 18 October to 23 November 2021.

At this session, the Tribunal dealt with 52 cases against 17 international organisations (covering 73 complaints filed by 63 complainants) and adopted 51 judgments, as well as recorded 10 withdrawals of complaints.

Owing to the specific circumstances relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, no public session was held in Geneva and the judgments of the 133rd Session were delivered on 27 January 2022 by a video-recording.

In his introductory remarks, the President of the Tribunal indicated that all seven judges of the Tribunal participated in this session, namely the three judges holding office at the beginning of last session and the four newly appointed judges. The President of the Tribunal further drew attention to an important change in the functioning of the Tribunal as the Vice-President, Mr Patrick Frydman, took up duties as “resident judge” in Geneva, so as to increase the Tribunal’s efficiency. The President of the Tribunal added that he would delegate some of his powers to the Vice-President between the sessions of the Tribunal.

The electronic copies of Judgments Nos. 4444 to 4494 are already available on the database Triblex.

The next session of the Tribunal is scheduled to start on 25 April 2022 and is expected to last five weeks, which is one week longer than previous sessions.